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My Personal Vendetta Against Gilmore Girls

I would say Lorelai is the biggest villain to ever grace a television screen but Rory exists.

This is not my comfort show, I get so stressed out watching it. I find myself yelling at Lorelai through the TV when she treats Sookie like her personal employee, when she treats her parents like garbage and when she relies on Rory for TOO MUCH EMOTIONAL SUPPORT.

And yes, Richard and Emily are not great people, parents and are absolute terrible employers. But guess what Lorelai? You TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES THE SAME WAY. Specifically referencing that scene where she rampages around the Dragonfly just barking at everyone for weeks on end because she's upset personally. Rory treats random people the same way, remember the "move out of my tree" incident? Absolutely ridiculous entitlement from all of them and it fuels so much rage.

Lorelai could have everything. I'm not saying bend to her parent's wishes and do the whole DAR socialite thing, I support the whole making her own way through life thing. But she loves to pretend that her proletariat struggles didn't have a golden parachute attached to them. That she was so brave for.......working?? With free room and board??? And childcare??? I know that we see her and Rory's little shed house situation at one point and Emily is just so distraught with the whole thing, and yes for THEM that is a downgrade. But shit, am I crazy for thinking that that's not too bad?? ANd FREEE. She's had so much help, and just like Rory, throws up her nose at all of that as if it's the least she was entitled to.

But let's go back to Lorelai could have had everything. At every turn. With her parents, she punishes them by not letting them see her or Rory, so much so that their whole arrangement, a dinner once a week for this very expensive private school loan, that sorry- ISN'T NECESSARY, is a slap in the face for her. I'm watching this thinking, this is so sad that her parents have to force her to see them, she just wanted to take the money and not even attempt a relationship. Does she know how embarrassed other people would be to ask anyone for that amount of money (yes even as a loan) from people that she cut out of her life?

This isn't to excuse that Richard and Emily have both done heinous things to meddle in her life. I get that Lorelai's overreactions to the more minor things is because she grew up and remembering just the heinous things. She defo has that sweet sweet childhood trauma and grew up in a gilded cage, but what really stresses me out is that she take no steps NONE to work on herself. So her whole life, she just lives with the consequences of never addressing these issues. This really pops out with her relationship with men, she clearly has commitment issues. And she raised Rory in the same way, Rory is the product of Lorelai not fixing herself. At the end of the series, we see both of them without the ability to create and maintain healthy relationships. And don't say they have each other, because if that's not a toxic codependent relationship, I don't know what is.

I think it really stresses me out because this is what happens if you don't go to therapy. We watch their whole lives go by, Rory growing up, and we see how clearly the issues affect both of them. And I put the onus on Lorelai, (only because Rory was mostly a child throughout the show) to fix herself but she didn't, she swung the opposite way with Rory and gave her a whole new set of issues. I think that's why this can never be my comfort show, it's my worse nightmare.

The real question is what the hell is everyone else seeing when they watch this?? Are they just getting sadistic pleasure of this cycle of abuse or am I just reading too into it>> But it's so CLEAR, someone helpppp meeee.

this rant is all over the place and I don't feel like making it coherent so I'm posting as is and I may expand eventually. If I'm ever brave enough to rewatch.

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