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Barbie's Dream House

Updated: Jun 22

When I was growing up, I dreamed about living in NYC. In an apartment with a Rubix cube fridge and lots of colorful rugs. Persian-style rugs, with lots of blankets around and a standout couch. Never was much of a minimalist.

I think I would've liked living in NYC when I was younger. But living in the suburbs is good for one thing, the space. I just need a perfect in-between.

I think it'll be a townhouse, owned by an independent landlord. In a town where I can catch a train to the City, but has a weekend farmer's market. Where I can walk downtown to a coffee shop or a library and is close to my friends. I think that's the most important part. It's not about location, it's about building my home and strengthening my community.

I'm going to finally take the time to decorate my space. Unapologetically. I'll finally put up my paintings. I'll finally put up pictures. But they're going to be fun pictures, that make me happy to look at. No dead eyes and plastic smile-type pictures are allowed.

Books everywhere. Fuck, a Very Organized bookshelf.

My office will have shelves and shelves of yarn and markers and all the craft supplies, it'll be Very Organized in a Very Neurotic way except when I'm creating. It'll be my very own art studio, fuck an office. I'll have my easel set up and I'll paint just for fun.

And I'm going to have room for people to stay over. And it's not going to be a cold, useless, guest room. I'm not going to have a cold, catalogue-looking home. I'm going to have my fun mugs, and I'm going to leave tea lying around. And it's still going to be clean but we're not crying over spilled milk in my house. No one is yelling about it here.

I'm going to have candles and my yoga mat. Maybe I'll even have a patio where I can read in the summer. I'll be comfortable enough to use a speaker one day. Sometimes it'll be very loud and sometimes it'll be peaceful and quiet. I don't have to live in extremes anymore, not when I'm out of survival mode.

I'm rewriting my future. And I'm getting a damn Rubik's cube coffee table- I'll make it myself.

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