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Some Resolutions and Some Randoms

Spring, 2016

Given the opportunity to do anything in the word, I would travel everywhere.

My goals include changing the world and learning to put movies in the DVD player.

I would never cheat on someone I’m dating or get a piercing anywhere other than my ears. Haven't cheated, I think. Technically. Not on purpose. And you immediately got nipple piercings.

I can’t not talk through movies, especially if they’re boring ones.

I want perfect eyesight.

I still listen to the Jonas Brothers.

I want to own an apartment with a Rubik’s Cube Fridge.

I want to play guitar and go skydiving.

If I only could eat one thing for lunch everyday it would be miso soup and shrimp tempura sushi.

When I grow up I want to be married and deeply in love.

I want to have a career and my family around.

I hate eggs and salmon.

I want to spend the holidays with Isa, Sofia, Robert and Matthew when I grow up.

I want to live on NYU’s beautiful campus.

I wish I could express my thoughts freely, without disappointing my family and their beliefs.

Spring 2024

I trust that I will not be forgotten, even when I’m not screaming.

I trust that those who care about me will check in on me.

I trust that they know. They know me and how I feel and they trust me with my own life.

I will learn that I don’t have to prove or explain myself.

I will learn not to beg for attention, but it is not my fault that I have.

I will communicate to the people I care about, even if they’re not being patient.

I will learn how to be patient.

I don’t need to publish all of my thoughts for them to be valid, but it’s ok that I think/thought that.


I became fiscally responsible because my parents showed their love with things. Money was used as a weapon and as affection.

I became impulsive and quick to hit the eject button because I wasn’t in the space to have the time or energy to think through my feelings. That is why I go logical and cold when shit goes down. I used to go mean, I don’t want to go mean. I am trying very hard to not go mean and isolate.

It’s ok that I am not healed yet. I don’t have all the answers, I have no answers, I am so young. And I didn’t have much structure. I can build a foundation and structure in myself through therapy, it’s not about location, it’s about me working on myself. It's about building community.

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